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In principle I agree with you, but bisexual people don't really help themselves on this one... 99% of the bisexual people I know (and I realize this is not a reflection on all of them) ARE nymphomaniacs, afraid of commitment, and either unfaithful or dangerously close to cheating at any given time.

I try really, really hard not to stereotype or judge people in this regard, but the unfortunate fact is that I've yet to meet an exception.

Casey! It's Carla from Rocky days. Thanks so much for posting this, I've always hated having my sexuality reduced to some mythological stereotype. I am bi, proudly monogamous, and not a slut. The biphobia I've been met with from the gay and straight communities alike is pretty astonishing. To many, I am either confused or don't exist. (Do I look like a unicorn to you?!) It doesn't help that I even know people who are bisexual but say they are gay or straight because they find it easier. It sucks, I hope people can be proud of being themselves and unafraid to voice that to the world. When I used to go to Gay Pride, I was the only one representing bisexuals so I'd cover myself with writing, haha. Thanks for giving us bi folk some legitimate props. I hate the cheating label bisexuals get, as if cheating isn't just as big a problem in the gay and straight communities. I guess people need a scapegoat but again I remind people to keep an open mind and realize that stereotypes just plain suck.

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